Entry #1

Hello World Of NewGrounds

2010-11-10 10:22:52 by DevOnNewG

Just saying hi. Just joined up. How is everyone.


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2010-11-10 12:09:33

omtish to you sir

DevOnNewG responds:

:$ My. This is so soon and so sudden. Omtish? I know not what to say to such flattery. To you as well :)


2010-11-10 13:13:04

You are, in FACT, amazing, my dear sir.

I idolise you.

DevOnNewG responds:

Why thank you very much! I have an out of date deviantart as well if you'd like more of my work, but it's dated. It's a lot of work, but I really like the end results :D AWESOME HAIR. Checked your profile.


2010-11-10 13:16:22


(Yeah, I know, that wasn't really constructive)

DevOnNewG responds:

No need to be, thanks for the heads up. Hey :)


2010-11-12 01:19:53

I have already taken a look at it. (:

Purely Inspirational.

And thankyou. Very old, though.


2010-11-12 11:26:16

I'll check out the ol' deviant art page as well. I have a TON of stuff I did in high school many eons ago. It's crazy though. I never thought I'd be able to share all my old stuff in this fashion. Technology grew faster and beyond what I could've envisioned in high school/college. Self imposed Paradigms are force fields of the soul.